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A To Z of Mobile App Development

Right from the start, mobile app development is quiet a cumbersome process that includes tasks which have to be undertaken for justifying the app making phenomena. It may not be possible to dominate the current market of mobile apps development unless you follow some stringent tasks for it. Every year there is 250% growth in number of apps launched on the app market. Some of them may be promotional, some for public interest, some by the government while others for incurring profit by providing facility to the public.

A To Z of Mobile App Development

Starting from the forecast of app idea to the post launch procedures that mobile app needs, everything has to be categorized in a systematic way to multiply efficiency of the results produced at the end of the app.

Setup Ecosystem For App Development
The first and foremost even before thinking about the idea of application is to build an environment that is necessary to give out best results for app development business. According to domains of the app, requirement arises for number of developers, designers, promoters, quality and testing professionals, app sync providers and others. Also devices, gadgets and instruments are immensely necessary to give enhancement to the app development scenario.

Turn Idea Into Action
Bringing the requirements from client or handling one’s own app, you need to inculcate the complete idea into manifestation. Leveraging the market requires optimized definition of application to implement it.

Technical Development Procedures
Give a head-start to app making by applying all the resources working on different aspects of app during the initial period of one or two months of mobile app development. According to choice of the platform whether it may be Android, iPhone or any other, distribute app implementations into phases and set target within stipulated time. This would help development team focus on minute aspect of app and collaborate it with the others.

Post Development Analysis Before Launch
Another important feature to be considered while developing a mobile app is post app procedure. The application cannot be directly launched on App store after development. It needs to go through successive quality analysis and testing procedures to make app more proficient in working. By integrating the technical coding with testing and quality procedure gives refined view of app that can be ready to use and launched at any moment.

Deployment or Launching
After the completion of app, it’s the mobile app development which holds the authority of launching the app. If the app is related to something that is more recent, launching it immediately can prove beneficiary. But if there are some hiccups related to timing issues of app, then make the launch of the app delayed until the pre-requisites from other departments do not give green signal for your app.

Advertising, Marketing And Promotions
To magnify the response of the public and monetize your profits, carry intensive marketing campaigns online as well as offline. ASO, social media marketing, promotional events, freeware version of app, pre launching app to allow customer getting used to the app are some of the effective steps you need to include in marketing strategy for your apps. Mobile apps developers can analyze this and adapt things that can be implemented in new app creation.

Post Deployment Assistance
Every app requires to be updated at some or the other time interval. With the fast growing app development scenario, this time interval has been reduced to a considerable amount. Upgrading app is also important by analyzing the demand of the app in the market. Upgrades can sometimes prove beneficial and generate hikes in downloads of the app.


Top Antivirus Apps for Android To Protect Your Android Security

It has been while since mobile apps have come into existence. Due to this, there has been big RAM’s and memories are being used in the latest Smartphone and mobiles. With different apps working and downloaded online, there has to be malware protection for your phone because these viruses can damage any odd functionality of the phone. Android app developers have understood the need to protect Smartphone from these viruses and so have developed some antivirus apps that deliver efficient results to protect your mobile from unwanted malware.

Android Antivirus Apps

Here is the list of top 5 mobile applications for Android that gives you enhanced results for protecting your data, files, contacts, apps and other essentials related with the mobile terminology.

Avast! Mobile Security
This is the perfect freeware app for your Android phone which gives the best results in the town for virus protection. Showing the current status of the running apps on your Smartphone, this app browses the current URL that your app is working upon and warns you according to hindrance in the task performed while utilizing your phone. Another additional feature added to this app is anti-theft security. Here if your phone gets lost or stolen, than you can immediately lock it and secure your data through remote access in it.

AVG Antivirus Security
With its grand success in PC domain of antivirus agent, AVG now has developed antivirus for mobile users to protect their phones from malwares hitting anytime or anywhere. It has got wide support in the form of more than 50 million users all round the globe for PC support. In addition to this it also provides task manager to kill the running apps, battery monitor for continuously used apps and anti theft security.

Lookout Security And Antivirus
This antivirus app is amongst the first few apps launched for protecting your Android phone. The Android app development team of this app has taken utmost care to inherit all the features in the app that govern your security. Along with anti theft security for your phone, online tacking of location through lookout, RAM monitoring for unused apps, backups dictionary for contacts list are other essential features for this antivirus.

Norton Security Antivirus
Talking about the lost or stolen phone, this app is the best to access remotely and monitors continuously the location of your app. Also new downloads and deletions of previous app are scanned thoroughly to make your phone virus free and deliver effective utilization of RAM. Spamming and potential risks of hacking are completely neglected by downloading this app. SMS alert for lost phone instantly allows you to convincingly locate your phone.

Dr. Web Antivirus
Getting the highest popularity in the market through conventional features is this app. It has three premium versions among which two of them are paid ones while the other one is in the 75$ per year package. It reports spam, virus, anti-malware functionality as well as battery saver with lower disc space on card makes it more popular among the Android app developers and users.

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