What are the factors to consider while developing a native application?

With the evolvement of time, there has been number of modifications with respect to development of mobile application. The major one is the use of Native Platform for the development of mobile application. There are many advantages using these methods for development. It all started with iOS development as it was cumbersome task to develop them but slowly it penetrated into all kinds of app development. But in order to make successful applications, some important things are to be considered and it will enhance the app utility from app store.

native apps

In order to make a mobile application using native platform the first challenge that comes before development agencies is to security. Also there are frequent cases where security of data is questioned with respect to apps that are made using native platform. Here is the list of some of the factors required to be focused while developing the native mobile application.

Imparting functionality
The approach used for the development of app through conventional methods and that used for native are totally different. This tool provides fast methodologies through APIs along with various SDKs which helps to launch the apps as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the robust architecture which is provided through conventional coding methods is not available in native apps. Although there are new techniques adopted which keeps robustness of the app intact, but overall functionality needs to be monitored on a continuous basis. Both the methodologies have their own advantages and disadvantages but with native apps you need to be surer before launching it.

Certified development & Design Team
Native application development is something that is not familiar to most of the developers as the coding is not biased with respect to specific language. So before deciding to develop native app, resources with proper competency needs to be aligned. Not only from the development perspective, but also the designing of the app is important because of different shapes and sizes of Smartphone. This issue is more with respect to Android and Windows phones as iPhones do not vary much. The mobile application developed using native platform might get fluctuated in design due to different sizes of mobiles. The employment of skillful resources might help to provide efficient results of app development.

Tackle security issues and thorough testing
The main problem that arises in case of app development through native methods is security. With Android, this issue becomes more vulnerable. The only thing that can prevent this is testing. Once the app is launched on the app store, it is hard to look into the issues related to security. So quality assurance techniques need to be adapted in order to get fortified testing results. The app needs to be tested at various levels of mobile apps development. Also once the application is launched, the support is required round the clock in order to avoid any security breaching activities. The security of the app depends a lot on operating system and the platform on which the app is launched.

If these factors are properly taken care during the development life cycle of the app, it will become easy to make smooth Go-Live of the app. It will also benefit mobile apps development company to build a reputation in the market regarding native app development.


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