mHealth Apps That Stand Out – What You Need to Know as an App Entrepreneur?

Looking to develop an mHealth app? Look out for what’s on offer first! While the mHealth niche is still in its nascent stages, there are a few good mHealth apps out there and you need yours to be different. So, what are the things that deserve your attention and ones that you need to familiarize yourself with?

mHealth Applications

What’s with the mHealth world?
More than two billion people use tablets and smartphone all across the planet. Smartphones have made browsing internet, shopping, banking, and travel seem a whole lot easier. Now, the healthcare industry is also able to use smartphones in newer and innovative ways with the new smartphone capabilities. mHealth applications are gaining immense popularity which is predicted to reach as much as $26 billion revenue by 2017. The unique opportunities along with the challenges for the app developers can seek great scope to create intuitive apps for the healthcare industry.

What’s hot?
It’s important to decide which health niche you want your app to focus on. Health, medication, fitness tracking, health records are some of the major areas of mHealth applications and these can be integrated with wearable technology and cloud databases.

There are certain points to remember if one wish to penetrate the current healthcare application market.

1. User friendly
User-friendly navigation is a must with it being simple and easy to navigate. Security is essential, and privacy settings cannot be anything but infallible. HL7, HIE, and HIPAA are the standard messaging codes which should be strictly followed. Wearable medical hardware should have seamless integration with the application software.

2. Use of POS
Point-of-Sale (POS) strategy along with monetization gateways is also necessary to avoid spamming. In-app purchases, paid downloads, premium usage options are three different strategies to avoid junk downloads. For multiple devices, cross-platform functionality can also be used.

3. Legally compliant
You will need to hire a legal adviser if you’re developing health app. The Food and Drug Administration scrutinizes most of the mHealth applications. Also, a risk-based assessment from FDA determines the safety of the use of those mHealth apps. Based on the intended use, potential risk and functionality, these apps are classified into Class I, II, or III.

Class I applications can help the users to self-manage by tracking weight, diagnosing sleep patterns, and through diabetes reading; among others.

A Class II or III device needs to be monitored, regulated and approved by FDA. For instance, those who are paired with implanted medical devices like blood pressure sensors or the glucose monitors are examples of the above class device. Also, the high-end mobile which can be transformed into medical device through the software are also examples of class II or III.

Remember, healthcare apps are not judged depending on how often they are used rather how flawlessly they perform. So regardless of and the high-end applications, if it fails to give an accurate result, it will not be in the market for long. Also, the security is a big hassle to gain reliability among the users for whom sharing health details and history is a strict no-no.


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