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Creating The Right UX/UI in Mobile App Design – The Must Knows

What do you do when creating a mobile app? While user engagement continues to be a crucial factor that plays an important part in the eventual app success, focus on engagement rate is generally low. A part of the reason is that we believe the concepts and features can be too enriching – something that might not be the case. A background with white text on a site might have loads of important information, but you would never want to read from there because it is not user friendly.

Mobile UI/UX Design

Creating a smooth user experience is necessary for function and flow of all mobile application. User Interface (UI) determines how the app looks and interacts with users. User experience (UX) handles how app feels for a user. During app development, you must make sure all your efforts are focused towards the end user. To help you with that here are few things to know about UX/UI.

UX/UI must do
So, what can you do to have a UX/UI experience that users love? There are a number of focus points to keep in mind while developing the app. Here are a few of them.

1. Functionality
You must make sure that the app you roll out for users to use must fulfill needs and wants of them. End experience is solid as function.

2. Core features design
Your core feature must designed in such a way that it targets a certain audience. If you are focusing on gamers or shopper, make sure the design corresponds to it. All the features must deliver what is promised to users. Features must always improve the user experience.

3. Use Multimedia
Media is a great way to improve user experience, but never overdo it as it can drive away the users. Moreover, give users the control of media so that they decide what they want experience.

UC/UI mistakes

1. Web UX vs. Mobile UX
Never confuse web UX with mobile UX because the web page is not always same as designing an app build for the mobile platform. You must know both are on two different platforms and has very different audiences.

2. App that highlights user’s needs
Never build apps that satisfy your needs. You are offering a specific value to that fulfills users’ needs hence always concentrate on the needs of users. Take as many feedbacks as possible from user to improve and grow in the development cycle.

3. App must have specific function
It is simple for any app always make something that does something otherwise it is useless. If your app just an add to sign up for something useless, the user will be disappointed and may not even see good download number.

If see the whole thing, in summary, using UI/UX you fulfill key business objectives, generate revenues, improve brand and engage users by fulfilling certain needs. Use quality tools to achieve smooth, slick, and fluid user experience design of your app. Keep the feedback and user support high on the agenda after the release of the app to make sure that your app is improved and updated as per users need. This fulfills your wider commercial goals and gains more users for your app.

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