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Peak iPhone: Does it really exist?

The iPhone certainly has set the standards of smartphones across the world. Additionally, with the debut of the the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, the iPhone seems to have completed its sweep of domination in the smartphone world, especially when it comes to upscale markets. It can be said for certain that individuals and professionals the world over find the iPhone a very user friendly and essential professional gadget.   So, if you are interested in building an app, why not build it for the iPhone first!


Announcing record-breaking profits

However, when it comes to building apps, you need to consider a few points. A quick look at market figures will give you a brief indication whether to continue to build for Apple’s iPhone or switch platforms.  As we glide in to 2016, Apple announced  record breaking profit of USD $ 18.4 billion for the three months that ended on December 26, 2015. This ideally should make iPhone app development a great business idea for the foreseeable future, but there were some analysts talking about a slow down in Apple’s iPhone sales world wide. This is because the iPhone sales grew by only 0.4% when these figures are compared to the same three-monthly period a year ago.

So, there are considerable worries that the market has hit a “peak iPhone”, which means that all those who wanted an iPhone already have one.  This means there is less potential for growth, and this really could devalue Apple as a company.

Bur for now, let us look at how real “peak iPhone” could be. According to the figures that are available the S models have sold considerably lesser than the models that do not have an S after them! So the trend is clear, it is not possible for every one to buy an iPhone on a yearly or on a six monthly basis.  Hence, a lot seems to be waiting when the iPhone 7 is released in the near future.

Also, in many parts of the world such as India, there is a lot of scope for iPhone growth opportunity. There are challenges as well such as the country’s socio-economic status and the non reliability of the smartphone network in many states across the nation.

Further Innovations

Assuming that the company has foreseen that it could reach peak iPhone one day, for it is quite sure that it would  have, there are a lot of innovations that the company is itself looking into – such as the apple watch and CarPlay.  There is one more area in the form of Virtual Reality (VR) that has not yet been tapped into, so this is one area which apple can really expand into.  While perpetual growth is impossible for a company’s product, for every product has a lifecycle, let us assume safely that the iPhone 7 will give the company as well as its investors the growth it is looking at.


For now, the iPhone is not going anywhere, but what is necessary is that the upgrades should sound innovative rather than iterative. Upgrades should not be just for  the sake of just upgrading, but there should be genuine factors available for it.  Let’s hope that the iPhone 7 truly wows us once again and so do other apple products such as the Apple Watch, AppleCar, and other perceivable virtual reality products. Since the market for the iPhone still exists and there are many untapped areas around the world such as India, going for iPhone apps development India is just the right business decision. Why not contact us for more information!

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