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Which One is Better: Apple’s AR Apps or Google’s ARCore?

So, here we are at the official war of the Apple’s AR apps and Google’s ARCore. Well, the war between Apple and Google has been here for quite a while and this is war is a constructive one and not a destructive one. Both tech giants are always in competition with one another and this is a blessing for the users of both Android and Apple. Competition Thrive both to come up with constant innovations and thrill the users.

Augmented RealityThe news of ARKit rolled out back in the Apple’s conference. Apple developers confidently showed the AR framework and what’s coming up for the users ahead. The demos we have been seeing the floating cat, fancy car, fidget spinner on iPhones are stunning. This stuff is astounding, isn’t it? This seems to be like the toy type things but this is actually the biggest upcoming sensation. Big brands are involved to showcase their AR work like The Food network, IKea, Giphy and AMC TV.

Apple’s User Base Can be A Game Changer

Some of the big UK based brands discussed on how easy it was to create an ARKit app. Sometimes it can be done in just a time period of 6 to 8 weeks. Several technical capabilities have been opened up with ARKit. All the herds of iPhone app development company said the similar set of things and even Apple users believe that AR is going to transform the app world. This entire event happened just at the time when Google was on the verge of launching its ARCore, an entirely new framework that can expand AR reach of the Google in an entirely revamped manner. If there is any time for the war to begin then it is right now.

The best visible example of the AR war is the Google’s Tango AR platform and the Apple’s furniture app. With these apps, you can make use of the camera of the app and take the measurement of the space around and take the feel of choosing the furniture item and placing it in whichever corner of the room you want. You can click on the furniture piece and can get an idea of how much space it will cover in your room and how is it going to look with AR apps. The biggest advantage of ARKit of Apple is that it will run easily on any device having an A9 processor support and IOS 11 features. Developers have to pay focus on this while indulging in iPhone app development. This means that approach of Google AR is different as Android runs on devices of every size and specification. Google has been working on AR Tango since 2013 and is in the league of developing software and hardware which phone manufacturers might need to for supporting advanced AR.

ARCore has Been Launched on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8

Google cannot stay back when Apple is advancing so much and hence it has come up with ARCore similar to Apple’s ARKit. This is basically a built-in AR platform for the developers. ARCore is now available on Samsung Galaxy 8 phones and on Google Pixel. Currently, Google has also its hands on two AR web browser, one of them will make use of ARCore and the another one will run on IOS and will be supporting ARKit.
Some improvements are on the way occurring with Apple ARKit. It is working on the feature called world tracking which is basically a technique named visual inertial odometry. Majority of the phones have integrated 2D experience as in Pokemon Go. What we are talking about at the moment is upsurged 3D AR experience.


5 Essential Skills of a Successful iOS App Developer

App development is a tricky business, isn’t it? Yes, probably because of the difficulties and hustle in making the successful app development. There are many important skills that makes the developers an expert in making an innovative and conceptual iOS mobile apps. Just so you know, many iPhone app development company are working on to make an immaculate and creative app that pleases the audience, encourages the customers to use the products or the services that are impelled by the app quality and user friendliness.


Being a professional developer is not a usual task as you have the responsibility to make the foundation of the business or the enterprise the client wishes to have. If you decide to opt a career in a mobile application development that involves high chances of job opportunities, you are one of the smart decision maker who has joined the journey of the ever-rising smartphone era and enormous mobile app usage. As per the latest survey, the job growth of mobile app developers is estimated to be more than 20%. So what does it take to become an iOS app developer?

The statistics and the figures that are associated with the app industry is mind boggling. The mobile app industry generated approximately $44.8 billion in 2016. It is also estimated by 2020, market analysts predict that the global mobile app market could hit $100 billion. That is incredible, isn’t it?

Let’s get into some of the core skills you would need to become a professional developer.

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1. Swift Programming Language

We know that Swift is a powerful programming language owned by Apple for developing magnificent mobile applications. It is evident that the language is vast, following subjects are enough to make you grasp a decent understanding of the language and its practicality.
1. Basic Syntax
2. Control Flow (If and Switch Statements)
3. Objective-C Interoperability
4. Error Handling
5. Classes, Inheritance & Initialization

2. Spatial Reasoning

Do you have the ability to re-think in terms of 3D while sighting the spatial relationships between objects is an essential tool for IOS application developers? It becomes important to know when professionals develop interfaces for Apple’s products such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.

3. Design Principles

There is no secret for success. Well, sometimes there are set of protocols if followed parallel can create good results. You must have noticed one thing for sure if you are an iPhone user that most popular iOS apps are popular because of their intuitiveness. One of the major reasons is their strict adherence to defined procedures and guidelines.

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4. Networking

Before linking networking with app development, come up with an app that has no connectivity with the web. It may be very difficult to name one, as today almost all of the apps interact with web in some way. But, it is important for you to understand the sending and receiving of data over web or networking

5. Core Data

Core Data is a persistence framework developed by Apple for devices run on its iOS platform. This framework mainly operates by storing data on Apple’s devices. For instance, if you have ever played old video games such as Super Mario Bros., remember how frustrating it was to start the game all over again the next time you turned it on.
These factors will be helpful both ways, the companies that want to hire the skillful developers and also to the developers who wishes to be recruited by the authoritative organization especially and specifically because of their expertise. Go on.

iPhone 7: The all new Home Key. The intensity of Apple’s growing trend

Innovations have ruled the market since times immemorial. With the incoming of several new market players in the smartphone category, gaining the market share has become more difficult than ever. However, Apple has always stayed ahead of the rest, and with the introduction of new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September this year, it has really shown the world what it takes to be the market leader.


Although the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus share a design similar to their ancestors, Apple’s latest smartphones have upgraded in every other way possible. There are changes everywhere, from its cameras, storage, processing capacity to even its built.

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Instead of a regular push button that actually moves, the new iPhone 7 consists of a solid-state Home button that utilizes Apple’s Taptic Engine in order to emulate a click. ‘Taptic’ is a trademark technology by Apple that creates an experience which simulates interaction with the device by mixing the capacitive finger taps with haptic feedback. This means that you don’t need to click the home key anymore, as vibrations delivered via Home key feel like the click of the button without there being any need to actually move any part of the device. This is a significant advantage over regular smartphones, as it reduces the wear out of the product or the risk of the key getting damaged, resulting in a longer life span. The use of solid-state also mean that Apple will be able to integrate the ‘Taptic’ engine with the iOS 10. One must be able to receive the vibration feedback as one uses the iOS or upon the receipt of notification.

Apple also provides the choice of regulating the levels of haptic intensity during the process of setting up of iOS, which can be later changed anytime from the Settings menu. From the innovative practices that we see with each Apple product, it isn’t difficult to infer that the use of a digitized version in favor of mechanical part isn’t a new practice, as Apple’s more recent MacBook Pros also use a solid-state Force Touch trackpad as an alternative to its mechanical counterpart. While not all may agree with the idea of getting rid of the old version of Home key, use of Taptic certainly has enormous benefits over the erstwhile moving system. It is necessary to fulfil Tim Cook’s promise to deliver the water-resistant iPhone 7 and non-mechanical parts will obviously cause less breakages, allowing Apple to create a sealed enclosure.

The use of the new haptic will also provide new opportunities for iOS app developers. Apple has rolled out a new haptic API for all those developers targeting the new hardware on the iPhone 7, allowing them to integrate haptic feedback into their own apps. In fact, we can already see new games using this technology. It remains to be seen when Apple will incorporate it in its MacBook keyboards, which will be a true marvel for the Apple users.

Peak iPhone: Does it really exist?

The iPhone certainly has set the standards of smartphones across the world. Additionally, with the debut of the the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, the iPhone seems to have completed its sweep of domination in the smartphone world, especially when it comes to upscale markets. It can be said for certain that individuals and professionals the world over find the iPhone a very user friendly and essential professional gadget.   So, if you are interested in building an app, why not build it for the iPhone first!


Announcing record-breaking profits

However, when it comes to building apps, you need to consider a few points. A quick look at market figures will give you a brief indication whether to continue to build for Apple’s iPhone or switch platforms.  As we glide in to 2016, Apple announced  record breaking profit of USD $ 18.4 billion for the three months that ended on December 26, 2015. This ideally should make iPhone app development a great business idea for the foreseeable future, but there were some analysts talking about a slow down in Apple’s iPhone sales world wide. This is because the iPhone sales grew by only 0.4% when these figures are compared to the same three-monthly period a year ago.

So, there are considerable worries that the market has hit a “peak iPhone”, which means that all those who wanted an iPhone already have one.  This means there is less potential for growth, and this really could devalue Apple as a company.

Bur for now, let us look at how real “peak iPhone” could be. According to the figures that are available the S models have sold considerably lesser than the models that do not have an S after them! So the trend is clear, it is not possible for every one to buy an iPhone on a yearly or on a six monthly basis.  Hence, a lot seems to be waiting when the iPhone 7 is released in the near future.

Also, in many parts of the world such as India, there is a lot of scope for iPhone growth opportunity. There are challenges as well such as the country’s socio-economic status and the non reliability of the smartphone network in many states across the nation.

Further Innovations

Assuming that the company has foreseen that it could reach peak iPhone one day, for it is quite sure that it would  have, there are a lot of innovations that the company is itself looking into – such as the apple watch and CarPlay.  There is one more area in the form of Virtual Reality (VR) that has not yet been tapped into, so this is one area which apple can really expand into.  While perpetual growth is impossible for a company’s product, for every product has a lifecycle, let us assume safely that the iPhone 7 will give the company as well as its investors the growth it is looking at.


For now, the iPhone is not going anywhere, but what is necessary is that the upgrades should sound innovative rather than iterative. Upgrades should not be just for  the sake of just upgrading, but there should be genuine factors available for it.  Let’s hope that the iPhone 7 truly wows us once again and so do other apple products such as the Apple Watch, AppleCar, and other perceivable virtual reality products. Since the market for the iPhone still exists and there are many untapped areas around the world such as India, going for iPhone apps development India is just the right business decision. Why not contact us for more information!

5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Over the years, travelling industry has developed tremendously. There has been exponential increase in number of people travelling across the globe with development in various nature as well as man-made areas all over the world. But hunting for travel places, hotels, nearby restaurants, adventurous spots, places and other outlet findings has become easy with Apple’s technological phone i.e. iPhone. iPhone applications are top most priorities among all the travelers which suit them and provide them intense facilities.

Travel Apps for iPhone

These iPhone apps take top to bottom care right from booking the ticket to planning the trip, visiting places, searching hotels, road-maps, inventions and much more. In short they act as a guide for the traveler and give them utmost benefits. iPhone application development team gives enhanced facilities to their users and covers all the domains. Here is the list of all the travel apps for iPhone that have given best utility to the user:

It gives perfect analysis of your trip right from flight booking, searching the nearby hotels, shopping details, hotel booking options, availability of the rooms. Also the location enablement can give you searching of all the entertainment spots, theaters, shopping places, restaurants, discos, beaches and other favorable spots by the tourists in that area. You can also invent new places and put it on travel advisor so that more people reach out that place and discovery of new places take place.

This is another fantastic app for travel lovers who can explore places whether they may be holistic, ritualistic, pilgrimages, adventurous spots, hills and enjoy your frequent vacation residing in the lap of the nature. It offers continuous discounts at various places on a regular interval to keep your travelling app at a reduced rate. You can visit places with discounted hotel rates, food coupons and various other benefits.

Flight Tracker
Flight tracker is the perfect app for business associates and frequent fliers who have keep continuous monitoring on timings of the flights. It has the radar tracking of each flight and gives perfect timings of which flight is present at which location. Another important advantage of this app is that it is freeware and it is easy to use. It also provides accurate results using RADAR system.
It has all the minute details of hotels with pictures. With the database of more than 2 lac hotels all over the world, this app allows booking, waiting, guesthouse list, options in nearby places to the user. Also it is a free app and easy to use. You can choose the perfect room to stay.

Taxi Magic
While visiting places, travelers face frequent problems of renting the car and finding suitable driver for it. You can book a taxi from your phone anytime, anywhere. Also the cancellation facilities are available if the program gets cancelled by any means.

These are the best iPhone apps to look out for when you are travelling and so it becomes easy for the traveler to smoothly visit the places.

Hire iPhone App Developers for Customize iPhone Applications

The apple has launched wide range of applications to stand out in the smart phone app market and creates a distinguished place in the industry ever. iPhone applications are used in the every aspect of the business. For promoting programs, to carry out a marketing survey or for internal purpose, in every business field necessity of iPhone applications has increased. Using the best features the iPhone app developers have created apps unmatched with any other device in the market and still working on.

Hire iPhone App Developers

A customized iPhone application can be developed only by an experienced and skilled iPhone app developer. Using the existing application, the developers will add the advanced necessary features to serve the purpose. There are various iPhone application development companies that will provide prime solution in customized iPhone apps. You have a great option to choose an offshore iPhone app development company to hire iPhone app developers that will be a good deal for you for cost effective and better quality solution.

Benefits of Hiring iPhone App Developers for Customize iPhone Applications:

  • You will get customize solution that includes all the latest features and functions
  • Use of latest iPhone SDK development process to provide you best outcome
  • You will get customize app with cost effective solution
  • Timely launching of your customize app will be possible

Once you find a good company, you can outsource your project to the developers and get best solution from your investment. According to your requirement and size of the project you can hire iPhone app developers. If your project is for short term you can hire developers on hourly and daily basis. If for long term, hire them on weekly as well as monthly basis. In this competitive development environment, it’s important to work with those who can go ahead of the technology trend and develops apps that can easily get accepted by apple app store.

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