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How Will Automation Apps Drive Small Business?

You don’t realize, have you? That automation has become the part and parcel of your routine. Automation is like air, the factor that you can’t stay without. However, automation is not that overwhelming, but leisurely and gradually securing its dwelling in your everyday schedule. The reason is very clear as the mobile app is ruling the market and have their existence in every sector. Previously, only the massive business owners opted for mobile apps, but now small business also enrolled the field and drive their way towards automation through apps. Mobile app development company have conjoined automation and mobile app and put their paramount efforts to benefit small businesses.


Well, small businesses have not recognized the automation wave and lag behind in accepting the automation practices to uplift their marketing strategies. So, how will small business recognize the key areas to implement automation? How do you know whether you need it or not? Let’s discuss the benefits of automation for small business and how it can denature small businesses to big ones.

1) Fast and Vast

Automation is fuel to speed up any repeatable task. Whether it be filling a form, forwarding a scheduled mail or booking an appointment, all of these tasks can be done more easily without going downhill through mobile apps. Repetition is a loophole which business owner should get rid of. This is the sector which can avail the competitive benefit. Michael Cohan has illustrated a completely different perspective of it, he says “Automation and machine learning has totally altered loan processing from top to bottom.” Loans process really rapidly with auto filling paperwork through automation. If you have a small business, you can get benefited in the same manner as well.

2) Cheap Thrills

“Small business, small investment, small profit, but big expenses”. Small business owners are always in search of cost-cutting tactics. Automation through a mobile app is smart ways to save money. The first thought process how automation saves money is through reduced salaries. Well, this is not the only way for cost-cutting, benefits continue even more. Some other money-saving ways are:

  • Mistakes reduced

  • Covering more area for business

  • Rapid accomplishment of work

  • Competitive advantage

Denial of technological advancement risks your business to get kicked out of competition. Look around and spot the automation wave of mobile app development and grab it with both hands and watch the drastically cut down on cost.

3) Souped Up

“Don’t work slog, work smart” heard it somewhere? Yes, of course, you would have. We have been hearing this phrase for years, but implementing is something we always refrain from. Small business tends to follow the same work strategy which they have been using for decades, which is the thorn in their development. Clerical jobs need people to do the work of a homogeneous nature on a recapitulative basis. Over a period of time, it becomes tedious, which leads to making boo-boo which ultimately results in expensive delay and also losing your valuable customers. Turn to automation, save time, save mistakes to happen and save clients.


5 Essential Skills of a Successful iOS App Developer

App development is a tricky business, isn’t it? Yes, probably because of the difficulties and hustle in making the successful app development. There are many important skills that makes the developers an expert in making an innovative and conceptual iOS mobile apps. Just so you know, many iPhone app development company are working on to make an immaculate and creative app that pleases the audience, encourages the customers to use the products or the services that are impelled by the app quality and user friendliness.


Being a professional developer is not a usual task as you have the responsibility to make the foundation of the business or the enterprise the client wishes to have. If you decide to opt a career in a mobile application development that involves high chances of job opportunities, you are one of the smart decision maker who has joined the journey of the ever-rising smartphone era and enormous mobile app usage. As per the latest survey, the job growth of mobile app developers is estimated to be more than 20%. So what does it take to become an iOS app developer?

The statistics and the figures that are associated with the app industry is mind boggling. The mobile app industry generated approximately $44.8 billion in 2016. It is also estimated by 2020, market analysts predict that the global mobile app market could hit $100 billion. That is incredible, isn’t it?

Let’s get into some of the core skills you would need to become a professional developer.

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1. Swift Programming Language

We know that Swift is a powerful programming language owned by Apple for developing magnificent mobile applications. It is evident that the language is vast, following subjects are enough to make you grasp a decent understanding of the language and its practicality.
1. Basic Syntax
2. Control Flow (If and Switch Statements)
3. Objective-C Interoperability
4. Error Handling
5. Classes, Inheritance & Initialization

2. Spatial Reasoning

Do you have the ability to re-think in terms of 3D while sighting the spatial relationships between objects is an essential tool for IOS application developers? It becomes important to know when professionals develop interfaces for Apple’s products such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.

3. Design Principles

There is no secret for success. Well, sometimes there are set of protocols if followed parallel can create good results. You must have noticed one thing for sure if you are an iPhone user that most popular iOS apps are popular because of their intuitiveness. One of the major reasons is their strict adherence to defined procedures and guidelines.

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4. Networking

Before linking networking with app development, come up with an app that has no connectivity with the web. It may be very difficult to name one, as today almost all of the apps interact with web in some way. But, it is important for you to understand the sending and receiving of data over web or networking

5. Core Data

Core Data is a persistence framework developed by Apple for devices run on its iOS platform. This framework mainly operates by storing data on Apple’s devices. For instance, if you have ever played old video games such as Super Mario Bros., remember how frustrating it was to start the game all over again the next time you turned it on.
These factors will be helpful both ways, the companies that want to hire the skillful developers and also to the developers who wishes to be recruited by the authoritative organization especially and specifically because of their expertise. Go on.

What is Agile Development? Why is it important?

As a developer or a mobile application development company, do you ever worry if the app will not be liked? Of course, you start from the scratch, going through each and every single point that is to be taken care of and does the perfect job. The application development is not at all, the easiest process, comprising of many tiny aspects that needs to fit with the target audience, potential users and the competitors’ model.

In this era of smart phones, businesses ought to have a business mobile app. According to a recent research, 45% of Google searches are done with the help of a mobile device.


Today around 2 billion of people are using smart phones. Approximately it may increase to around 3 billion in 2019. Create a Direct Marketing Channel, Improve Customer Engagement, Stand out from the Competition; Cultivate Customer Loyalty, Build Brand and Recognition are some of the important reasons why mobile apps are crucial portion of any business process.

Let’s go through some of the facts and figures i.e. Data Analytics.

  • As per Juniper Research, mobile ecommerce will account for 30% of global ecommerce sales by 2018.
  • CMO revealed that 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores.
  • Comscore stated that 80% of consumers use smart phones to shop.
  • 79% of smartphone owners use apps every day, as per the survey from TechCrunch.
  • 60% of global mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary source (Internet Retailer).

What is Agile Development?

Agile software development describes a set of principles under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams. Agile Application Development (AAD) is an umbrella term for various methodologies such as Scrum and extreme programming (XP), and represents a way of avoiding this fate.

Not just going with the major end goals, it focuses on incremental goals, and it yields developers the opportunity to modify plans to build an app that will succeed. By frequent delivery of software, developers can get rid of the big gambling all of their resources on the hope that the app they are working to build will appeal to users.

How it works?

Of course, agile development encircles many different methodologies. The process varies depending on the project. Now without paying off many working days to complete a product, which often involves better planning and risk, AAD boosts teams to spend one to four weeks developing basic iterations of an application. Agile methods lie on the adaptive side of this continuum. One tune-in of adaptive development methods is a “Rolling Wave” approach to schedule planning, which identifies and allows for the milestones themselves to change.

Role of AAD

Usually, there are no roles assigned to any specified categories and sectors but a team of 10 or few are fitted into the planning, developing and iterating of the application. Most probably, there will be no ‘Project Leader’ or ‘Project Manager’ because the team is self motivated and that is one of the factors of AAD that distinguishes it- the pros, to be precise.

Benefits of AAD

The agile process allows for unparalleled flexibility and customization during the development cycle of an application. Users can test new iterations and provide feedback. They can also identify potentially successful features that they might not have thought of during the early planning stages.

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