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7 Mobile Ad Networks best suited for App Monetization

Isn’t this technological revolution troublesome? You get an idea, develop it and create a mind blowing mobile application. Not only this, you upload it in the app store but what next? Is it any type of charity? Your efforts should get you the reward it deserves. That is why, ad networks were discovered at the first place. Some brands want to pay for their firm’s advertisement and are looking for the best platform to showcase it. The other side lays the category that is ready to take the prior offer and earn. Is this too simple? An incredibly easy looking pricing model networks that we usually calls ‘Monetization’ market is more complicated than you think it is.


Monetization market has spread like an ocean on the earth. The niche has become so competitive that the generic looking mobile application ad network is also competitive. There are plenty of options available for you now to decide on which is better and which is not. But, you can’t try with your mobile applications which have got nothing wrong. All you have to do is know how you can get the best out of it.

Here, in this article, we have enlisted 7 different and popular mobile ad networks better suited for your app monetization.


AdColony is a mobile video advertising networking platform. AdColony covers Fortune 500 companies.
Supported Platform: iOS, Android, Unity, Air
Campaign Type: CPCV, CPI, CPM
Supported Ad Format:  Banner, Native, Video, Interstitial
Minimum Payout: $100


Fyber provides its users with an Ad server, Exchange and Mediation products to generate revenue streams and to serve more than half a billion active users monthly. It is a full stack mobile SSP which helps streamline all ad monetization strategies. Its Supported Ad Format include: Banners Banner, Video, Interstitial, Offer Wall. The Supported Platform: iOS, Android, Unity. The Campaign Types are: CPC, CPI, CPCV. The Minimum Payout is $$200.


Leadbolt is an eminent mobile ad network that provides advanced partner match technology along dynamic ad delivery. It is known for dealing with premium ads.

Its Supported Ad Format include: Banners, Interstitial, Offerwall, Rewarded Video, Native Ad. The Supported Platform: Android, iOS. The Campaign Types are: CPC, CPI, CPM. The Minimum Payout is $100.


Google’s AdMob is one of the most popular mobile ad networks with cross platform capability. Over 1 million apps use AdMob and it is popular because of its high CPM and best fill rates.

Its Supported Ad Format include: Interstitial, Native, Trueview, Banner, Lightbox, Video. The Supported Platform: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos2dx, Wp8. The Campaign Types are: CPC, CPM, CPI. The Minimum Payout is $100.


They target users on the basis of “Appographic” targeting. Instead of studying demographic or geographical metrics, they study the applications installed by users on their device. They launch user acquisition campaigns, remarketing campaigns, brand engagement campaigns, etc. Its Supported Ad Format include: Banners, Native, Video, Interstitial, Rich Media. The Supported Platform: iOS, Android, Unity, Air. The Campaign Types are: CPC, CPI, CPM. The Minimum Payout is $50.


Mobile App developers and publishers search 1-stop solution to all their advertising and app promotion needs at Supersonic. Supersonic boasts of a network of more than 500 million users

Supported Ad Format:  Offerwall, Video, Interstitial
Campaign Type: CPCV, CPI
Supported Platform: iOS, Android, Unity, Air
Minimum Payout: $100


MM is one of the largest mobile ad networks in the world. Some call it the second largest, right behind Google’s Admob. Its Supported Ad Format include: Banner, Video, Interstitial. The Supported Platform: Android, iOS. The Campaign Types are: CPC, CPI, CPM. The Minimum Payout is $50.


8 Interesting Android apps you might not know about

As per the recent statistics, there are 1.6 millions Android mobile applications in the Play Store. Android mobile application development has absolutely taken a step forward in luring the customers to download. Some applications are used worldwide because they are popular, some are not because they don’t come into lime light for some reasons. Be it Android or iOS, there are many applications that are user-friendly, free to download, interesting and appealing but somehow doesn’t get to attract the expected users to use it.


1] Khan Academy

A higher educational dimensional portal, Khan Academy, stands among the best mobile applications if you are solely interested in learning about science, maths or physics. Since the app is completely free, updated regularly and fresh-faced, it puts more than 10,000 videos at your fingertips. Not only does it covers all learning processes in the most convenient way but it gives the relevant sources and references. There are also courses on economics, philosophy, arts, history, etc.

2] Dragon Anywhere

They say ‘Some things come at a price’. Yes, Dragon Anywhere is not cheap though as it costs $15/month. But apart from it, it is a simple to use, razor-sharp accurate and multi functional application. It works in a similar way to the desktop software by recording accurate dictation and turning it into text documents.

3] PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has everything you need to edit your photos. Simple text bubbles, complex things such as HSL and curves, etc helps you get the best out of your photos. An app developed by CyberLink, PhotoDirector, is recommended for novices.

4] Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a deep and complex app, so be prepared to put some time into. Don’t worry. The results will be great. Using it, you can use one of 14 different synthesizers, vocoders and drum machines to create that perfect sound on the move.

Do you find yourself docking your head and composing silent melodies? You would definitely sound dynamic if only you would record it in Caustic 3.

5] AMA

Ask Me Anything, by Reddit AMA, is a an app that has no competition since it is designed for a niche market. It will let you know about the popular starts, celebrities and information about the trending people. You can also vote, comment and ask questions to those famous faces of the world. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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6] HERE Maps

Yes, we know that you use Google Maps. But, come on. Jump out of the wall. Try HERE Maps. It use maps offline while still providing totally offline turn-by-turn navigation. Similar to Google Maps, it lets you various places, nearby regions, restaurants. ATMs, etc. It’s totally free. Go on.

7] LastPass

LastPass is a password manager application. Since we log into everything on our mobile devices now, LastPass can save passwords and keep them save all while auto-filling passwords for sites and apps that you use regularly.

Worth checking out because this app also have a password generator that generates hard-to-hack passwords just for you.

8] Zedge

The reason it is used is because of the myriad of features. The subtle animations are great, and it rarely bothers you with notifications. This is a wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones app that gives you an unbelievable number of options to customize the most basic parts of your device.

Zedge also promotes various items during holiday seasons making it easy to theme your phone up for Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays.

What makes mobile apps so essential in the restaurant industry?

2016 is going to be ‘Mobile Applications’ year and so every industry is aiming to acquire that reward circuitously. One industry that can be benefited tremendously from it is ‘Restaurant Industry’. The future frontier for mobile apps will certainly be the restaurant table.Yes, it is an industry which will soon be exclusively depending on the apps in near future. Well, that’s what experts are predicting about. According to TechCrunch, 79% of smartphone owners use apps every day and the average smartphone user downloads 8 apps per month. 60% of global mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary internet source, as per the survey of Internet Retailer. No matter what, the importance of mobile apps is inevitable. But before that, let us try to figure out why mobile apps are so essential in the restaurant industry. What flexibility does mobile apps and mobile ordering system as a whole offer for the restaurateur and the consumers both?

mobile apps for restaurant industry
Current Scenario
Numerous people, officials and students, have their meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) on a daily basis celebrating cherished occasions and events. They tend to get bored of eating the same type of food since they won’t literally go and search out for every restaurants everyday; it would be clumsy and time consuming. But, since this is a ‘Smart Phone’ era, an individual is having mobile phones in their pocket, the industry found its goal embraced in it. What if people don’t have to go out and hunt food places? It would be very charging. That is why, some of the giants in restaurant industry have initiated mobile ordering system.

Indirect Profit to Users
It is all about making the customers habituated and addicted of using mobile application and ordering through it. Once it is done, then he/she will certainly be its permanent customers (provided the service and food is good). Users always recommend newest and better things to their friends. Slowly and Gradually, the number of users wouldn’t limit to the specific area but would spread over various classes and groups of people. People will definitely admire it as it is easy to use and affordable to get to. Restaurants will be always reasonable with the pricing of food if ordered through mobile apps; moreover, users get discount if they become their regular customers. Thus, there is an added-advantage to the users opting mobile apps and gets and indirect profit of discounts, offers and cash back or any freebies.

Direct Profit to Restaurants
Well, it is a crystal clear fact that mobile apps will be beneficial and lucrative for the business owners. Not only will the presence of the particular restaurants will increase but will also maximize their revenues since more and more users will use mobile app. Here, some factors will play its role- The mobile app should be user-friendly so that it becomes easy for the end user to order pretty easy. The navigation, browsing, payments and delivery system should be accurate and without any errors. Mostly, the apps are advised to be free so it gives an added incentive to its customers. Because of the typical service the restaurants provide, users will no longer have to log on to their desktops, find out any directories to order the food online or navigate through the vague website menus.

How it works?
Any restaurant is willing to reach more and more people to taste their food. Yet, there are limitations to it- may be some wouldn’t go because that particular restaurant is far from their region, some wouldn’t prefer to go considering that they will be have to stand in a queue. Mobile application simply wipes out this possibilities since user can order food from the desired restaurant and get it on the time he/she wishes. A customer also has the option of modifying items by size, styles, add or reduce dishes, toppings or flavors of their choice when ordering through mobile. Several special features can be added as per the specialty of restaurants; you can save your favorite orders in case you wanted to reorder them.

It is lucid to the user in order handling, menu handling and reporting and other analytic information. A restaurant can receive as many orders to their interface specifying the pick up time for the menu ordered by the customer. The customer is updated once the order is ready to deliver – enabling both the customer and the restaurant to track their order status in the GPS about the location of the delivery boy. The necessity of the application seems quite obvious now for the restaurant industries.

Genuine benefits of why mobile app development is essential part of any restaurants:

  • Researchers have analyzed that the potential users spends more time on application than its website, which makes it evident that mobile app will unquestionably maximize the revenue.
  • A user-friendly mobile application increases visibility, accessibility, and profitability of the restaurant.
  • It keeps users directly in touch with the restaurant about any latest updates and important news.
  • Users can get the notifications of any special offers on any special days, to redeem it instantly.
  • Restaurants can be constantly engaged with the users about the products they opted and how was their experience; this way, it can know if the end users are satisfied or not.
  • The app develops customer loyalty because of the up-to date service provided.

Do you wish to make the best out of the essential industry? Contact us. We make unique, creative, innovative and affordable restaurant mobile applications.

What are the factors to consider while developing a native application?

With the evolvement of time, there has been number of modifications with respect to development of mobile application. The major one is the use of Native Platform for the development of mobile application. There are many advantages using these methods for development. It all started with iOS development as it was cumbersome task to develop them but slowly it penetrated into all kinds of app development. But in order to make successful applications, some important things are to be considered and it will enhance the app utility from app store.

native apps

In order to make a mobile application using native platform the first challenge that comes before development agencies is to security. Also there are frequent cases where security of data is questioned with respect to apps that are made using native platform. Here is the list of some of the factors required to be focused while developing the native mobile application.

Imparting functionality
The approach used for the development of app through conventional methods and that used for native are totally different. This tool provides fast methodologies through APIs along with various SDKs which helps to launch the apps as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the robust architecture which is provided through conventional coding methods is not available in native apps. Although there are new techniques adopted which keeps robustness of the app intact, but overall functionality needs to be monitored on a continuous basis. Both the methodologies have their own advantages and disadvantages but with native apps you need to be surer before launching it.

Certified development & Design Team
Native application development is something that is not familiar to most of the developers as the coding is not biased with respect to specific language. So before deciding to develop native app, resources with proper competency needs to be aligned. Not only from the development perspective, but also the designing of the app is important because of different shapes and sizes of Smartphone. This issue is more with respect to Android and Windows phones as iPhones do not vary much. The mobile application developed using native platform might get fluctuated in design due to different sizes of mobiles. The employment of skillful resources might help to provide efficient results of app development.

Tackle security issues and thorough testing
The main problem that arises in case of app development through native methods is security. With Android, this issue becomes more vulnerable. The only thing that can prevent this is testing. Once the app is launched on the app store, it is hard to look into the issues related to security. So quality assurance techniques need to be adapted in order to get fortified testing results. The app needs to be tested at various levels of mobile apps development. Also once the application is launched, the support is required round the clock in order to avoid any security breaching activities. The security of the app depends a lot on operating system and the platform on which the app is launched.

If these factors are properly taken care during the development life cycle of the app, it will become easy to make smooth Go-Live of the app. It will also benefit mobile apps development company to build a reputation in the market regarding native app development.

Best Factors for Designing Great Mobile User Experiences

In order to get overwhelming response for the mobile application on the respective app store, it is required to have substantial things in it. The most important among this is its user experience. By default, it is believed that the only part of mobile application that interacts with user and decides success or failure of the app is UI. In-spite of all these facts, there are many factors that contribute in designing of mobile applications. Also it is up to the mobile apps development companies to consider overall scenarios of application development while focusing on UI.

Mobile User Experiences

Thus to optimize the performance of mobile application and increase productivity of the app through its simplicity, some factors should be considered as a part of designing. Best UI can be obtained by undertaking following steps while procuring the development of mobile applications.

Size of Devices
In the process of designing, the most important factor to be considered is the size. Designing for mobile or tablet or any such devices which are available on a large scale in the market. The dimensions as well as shapes are required to be paid attention while implementing the user experience for mobile app. Also most of the devices are available with rotating functionality and so it becomes necessary to include the patterns, designs and groupings accordingly. The performance of the applications developed by mobile application developers depends a lot on these user experiences manifested in the app. The variable size of the devices and the operating systems on which they run depends a lot when it comes to the development of user experience.

Stick to basic tools
In the case of most of the mobile applications, the idea is to keep the UI as simple as possible so that the thought of app can be conveyed easily. Also this should not hamper the performance of the application on any of the platforms. So it becomes necessary for mobile app designers to use tools with formative analysis of app such that it can give justified results. Till date, there have been many tools available in the market for designing mobile applications but the use too many tools can hamper the performance of the application to a critical extent. The images and templates for UI designing are readily available to simplify the process of mobile user experience.

Fresh Talent: New Ideas
The resources aligned for the development and designing of mobile applications must be well equipped with all the know-how of it. On the other hand, depending upon the domain of the mobile application and end-users that are actually going to utilize it, user experience must be prepared. The synchronization between the app and its user experience is necessary because all the coding, colour settings and implementation of UI is done accordingly. Once the user experience is developed, it is necessary to thoroughly test it with all the devices available because there are frequent variations in some or the other devices. Thus, usefulness of new resources can be availed by making an impact on user experience of the app.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, the variable behavior of the app on various tools can mislead the integrity of UI but it does not matter when the results are fine. Mobile apps development companies needs to focus on all of the above factors which can help them deliver the UI with most amazing features.

A To Z of Mobile App Development

Right from the start, mobile app development is quiet a cumbersome process that includes tasks which have to be undertaken for justifying the app making phenomena. It may not be possible to dominate the current market of mobile apps development unless you follow some stringent tasks for it. Every year there is 250% growth in number of apps launched on the app market. Some of them may be promotional, some for public interest, some by the government while others for incurring profit by providing facility to the public.

A To Z of Mobile App Development

Starting from the forecast of app idea to the post launch procedures that mobile app needs, everything has to be categorized in a systematic way to multiply efficiency of the results produced at the end of the app.

Setup Ecosystem For App Development
The first and foremost even before thinking about the idea of application is to build an environment that is necessary to give out best results for app development business. According to domains of the app, requirement arises for number of developers, designers, promoters, quality and testing professionals, app sync providers and others. Also devices, gadgets and instruments are immensely necessary to give enhancement to the app development scenario.

Turn Idea Into Action
Bringing the requirements from client or handling one’s own app, you need to inculcate the complete idea into manifestation. Leveraging the market requires optimized definition of application to implement it.

Technical Development Procedures
Give a head-start to app making by applying all the resources working on different aspects of app during the initial period of one or two months of mobile app development. According to choice of the platform whether it may be Android, iPhone or any other, distribute app implementations into phases and set target within stipulated time. This would help development team focus on minute aspect of app and collaborate it with the others.

Post Development Analysis Before Launch
Another important feature to be considered while developing a mobile app is post app procedure. The application cannot be directly launched on App store after development. It needs to go through successive quality analysis and testing procedures to make app more proficient in working. By integrating the technical coding with testing and quality procedure gives refined view of app that can be ready to use and launched at any moment.

Deployment or Launching
After the completion of app, it’s the mobile app development which holds the authority of launching the app. If the app is related to something that is more recent, launching it immediately can prove beneficiary. But if there are some hiccups related to timing issues of app, then make the launch of the app delayed until the pre-requisites from other departments do not give green signal for your app.

Advertising, Marketing And Promotions
To magnify the response of the public and monetize your profits, carry intensive marketing campaigns online as well as offline. ASO, social media marketing, promotional events, freeware version of app, pre launching app to allow customer getting used to the app are some of the effective steps you need to include in marketing strategy for your apps. Mobile apps developers can analyze this and adapt things that can be implemented in new app creation.

Post Deployment Assistance
Every app requires to be updated at some or the other time interval. With the fast growing app development scenario, this time interval has been reduced to a considerable amount. Upgrading app is also important by analyzing the demand of the app in the market. Upgrades can sometimes prove beneficial and generate hikes in downloads of the app.

Choosing The Right Platform For Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development PlatformToday mobile apps have indeed become the most integral part of mobile. So Mobile App Development is now in trend. All the companies are therefore in need of the Mobile apps developers which can design and develop such a user friendly app that may be appealing as well as interesting. But the developers face a huge dilemma to decide the platform they need to choose for creating app.

Android is the most successful tool in which most of the apps are written in JAVA. Easy processing, debugging and packaging are some of the important features that this platform provides. It provides far and wide use of apps on its platform and is applicable to most of the MOBILE. Configuration of this kind of apps after their development is also easy. MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS provide high compatibility of such type of apps. The design of these apps is also unique and attractive. Market of ANDROID is also in boom now-a-days. So ANDROID is one of the best platforms that a developer can consider.

It is another platform available in the market that has advantages over android. In this platform, the development and configuration are quiet high. Apple provides core development toolkit like iPhone simulator, other core technical features. So the app development becomes easy. To get the app downloaded, special platform is provided by the developers. The main aim of this kind of mobile app development is to provide the user easy way to access the world.

High-end apps are also developed which provide good quality of platform compatibility and can be used in any platform. HTML5 and JS are another kind of platforms that can be used to develop and design the mobile apps. HTML5 is the latest version that can easily append the desired values and new directories on desired area.

Other platforms available are not much in trend. Windows is another platform for the development of apps but Microsoft has all its copyright. So the main development of mobile applications is either in Android or iPhone platforms only.

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