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2.8 Million Apps And Still Rising: How To Make Your App Stand Out?

You must have heard a plethora of cases, where the app failed as the entrepreneur rushed with the launch to make sure he’s the one putting inception steps in the market or it failed post launch as the competitor jumped right after their launch. Well, is this your planning to shut down your years of planning and implementation due to someone’s entry? If yes, then my friend you should have never entered. The barrier on others entry and exit is not something which is in your hands but what you have in your hands is to exercise your control on your own app. If the success or failure of others determine your app future, then it’s not they because of whom you failed, it’s wholly and solely you. If you want to stop blaming others and want to take the entire responsibility of your success or failure, then even with 2.8 million apps existent in the app store and the new 1000 apps entering the app store on routine, you can still have a space for your app with flabbergasting mobile app development and make a boom if you have caliber and right attitude.

street girl smartphone

Well, competition is not always negative, it can drive towards many positive things, make some research on some of the most popular brands. The most popular search engine, Google was not the first one, Facebook the fastest fascination in the market was also not the first social network. Such examples are plenty in the market. Hence, take inspiration and work your way ahead. The app market is always in the scarcity of quality ideas. If you are having any second thoughts for your app launch on the grounds of competition then don’t give a second thought just go on. Let me introduce some of the reasons that will put your fear aside and encourage you to come with your app even with already existing 2.8 million.

1) Competition gives birth to innovation

Have you ever heard that there is no such thing named as innovation left? If yes, then you are partially right. How to earn money online in India is a big question now. Well, when the competition is cutting edge, it automatically gives birth to innovation in the heed of setting the competitors aside and generates as much revenue as you can. If you have established monopoly then there is no driving factor to improvise your product, leaving the users with dissatisfaction and giving them a chance to jump on to the competitor at the very moment they enter the market, giving you a huge fall by a degraded number of users and also degraded revenue figures. Healthy competition is lucrative for both the users and also for the developers as it keeps you updated with new products and new techs.

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2) Drift and swift

The decision-making process along with the product completion process gets drifted when you have other companies in the same league running side by side. The research process will be more intense, action will be more precise and the end product will be uplifted quality wise. There will be a competitive study of the product and if it lags back, instant steps will be taken not to make it at par but take it two steps further.

3) Users are at the ample of the eye

Users are the god of gods when competition is head to head. Deceiving the users or availing them with low quality is not going to work anymore with such huge number of apps in the market. Hence, each and every feature and service were given by the mobile app development companies are exactly what users intend.

4) Others mistakes, your lessons

Being first is innovative but carries the risk of committing maximum mistakes. Being next avails you with a guide of mistakes to avoid which makes you perfect in the eye of users and helps you to lure more amount of user attention.


How To Get Your App Featured In The Apple App Store?

With over 1.8 million apps in the Apple App Store, the app market is more competitive than ever and Apple is bringing in more control mechanisms into the game and is being very stringent about the quality of apps and guidelines, making the entry of low quality apps into their App Store nearly impossible. With Apple having a stringent quality check, you will need to ensure that your app complies all the directions and Apple policies to be able to make to the featured list. As a developer, you’re expected to know all changes Apple makes to its policies and so, here is a run through.

featured app

Understanding How the Apple App Store Works
There were 1,875 apps that were allowed in July and over 30,000 were submitted for review making it clear how difficult it is to get your app approved. So how do you get your app featured in the Apple App Store? Let’s find out.

Understand the App Store needs: You need to understand what Apple requires for your app to be featured in the App store and meet up with their expectations accordingly. App installs or celebrity promotions cannot help your cause if you sacrifice on quality and you need to ensure that you app is of the highest standards.

Marketing: Marketing is one of the key aspects of the App Store and you need to ensure that the marketing content is ready to go at the time of launch. You do not want to wait for your app to be launched before going ahead with your marketing implementations. From promos, app screenshots, app icons, app descriptions, meta data and also videos – everything should be top notch and ready to be presented for evaluation. If you are missing any of the things it’s hard to get featured on the Apple App Store.

Adhere to Apple’s guidelines: There are many Apple’s guidelines for design, quality and verification. You need to follow and each and every minute requirement closely and ensure that your app is successful in the process instead of letting it die a slow death.

Quality: One of the biggest advantages that top iOS developers have in the Apple App Store is quality and you need to be able to meet the standards of the top tier apps to be able to get featured in the front page. Apple is very picky when it comes to featuring apps and you need to have the patience as well.

Do not be over obsessed with being featured: You need to be patient when it comes to getting featured on the home page of the Apple App Store. There are millions and millions of apps in contention for the featured apps list and the basis of getting them placed changes and all it takes to wait a while to be featured if you are confident about your app’s standards.

Tips To Sell Your Apps With The Right App Description

Every app in the App store has a default text that displays in the app description. This text can be a golden key to the success of the mobile app.

When you sell something, it’s obvious that the user looks for how is it useful or in technical term “What’s in it for me?” This question needs to be exciting and convincing enough for the user to look into the app. The app icon and the name of the app have done its work by attracting the consumer to reach as far as to enter into the app details. Now all you have to do is blow up this spark of interest into a fire. That can be done by this app description.

App Description

How long should it be?
By default, only 255 characters are visible to the users and a total of 4000 characters can be added to the description. The first 255 characters needs to magical enough to force the person to tap the more info tab and dig deeper. Here is what you need to look out for when writing your app description.

1. Keep it short
The info must be precise and in simple language, refrain from technical terms that are uncommon. Avoid writing long paragraphs in the description as it may kill the interest. Use of bulletins is advisable.

2. Highlight the right features
The unique and stand out features of the app must be highlighted. A few in the beginning and a few in the end. Just mention the key features and let the rest be discovered within the app. Remember to write the description from a point of view of the users as they are your target audience and not as a developer.

3. How does the app solve the problem?
Necessarily highlight how is the app is a solution to any problem of the user. If the app fail to stand out in that category, produce a problem that is not so prominently visible in the first place.

4. Keep updating descriptions
It is a good practice to update the description and mention new features or modifications done in the app. Provide a reference to the developer, like the website, support link, links to another app from the developer and may be social media links. Try to be as responsive to the query as possible and answer to the FAQ’s.

Here is a short summary of the things that you need to focus on while writing an app description.

  • The write-up needs to be precise and short
  • Attractive statements in the beginning
  • Use short paragraphs and bulletins
  • Offer solution to a problem
  • Links to reach you
  • Highlight major attractive features
  • Language should be simple but appealing
  • Keep the description updated and mention modifications

Making your app description user friendly is easier than you think. Get increased conversions and more ROI – have the right killer app description.

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Things to Know Before Creating Trailer for Mobile Application

In order to get the survival amongst the highly competitive market of mobile applications, there are some important aspects; besides development of the application; which are to be considered by respective fraternity involved in the process of app development. The complete process should be organized such that the primary motive of the app development is satisfied and the company gets satisfactory results from it. Marketing or market presence has become important aspect in this industry as there is a lot of competition exploding in the market. So the app launch becomes important criterion to attract maximum number of users.

mobile app trailer

According to current market statistics, there are different ways to promote your app. Among these, the launch of the mobile application on a large scale holds importance of high level in the market. Various events, gatherings and advertisements are prepared or planned in order to launch app on a large scale. Another in trend feature is to prepare a demo/trailer for your app through you can attract the large amount of customer base. Here are some of the things to be taken care of while preparing the trailer for your mobile application.

Target the audience (Age group, ad structure, interests)
While launching or preparing the graphical trailer for your application, it becomes important to know the target market for it. The Play Store market largely depends on the structure of the app and domain for which you are creating it. The audience for whom the app is being created should be given prime importance by mobile app developers while creating trailers. Eventually the trailer should depict all the things that the audience would want to know about the app. The structure of the advertisement for trailer launch must be enticing and audience specific. A mediocre size trailer with a perfectly driven architecture of you application leaves a large impact on the future success of your application.

Technical aspects, Voice and images
It is necessary to focus not only on the functional and marketing aspects of the trailer but there are a lot of technological geeks in the market who are ready to review the technical aspects of your application. So in order to get top reviews from app critics, try to keep technicalities domain as the frontier of your application. Also the app domain is the one which decides how much technical agility the trailer can take. The sound effects and the audio should be clear and relevant to the topic as this will add a feather to the studded crown of your trailers. In order to make the trailer more creative it becomes necessary to focus on the designs included in the video.

Tie-up with commercials or web platforms
This is another idea which can lighten up your trailer and make it a worldwide hit. Launching the trailer on specific dates, festivals or on days which are related to the mobile applications will get additional benefits to the popularity of the app. Sharing, launching or highlighting the trailer on various web platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and now on instagram is the recent most trend to follow. There are several agencies which guarantee a few thousands hits for your mobile application trailer on the platforms. The mobile applications development companies should look after their development team to prepare a trailer which serves the motive of their company. These tie-ups will help gain momentum in companies overall popularity and market presence.

Besides this, several other steps are also a part of marketing a mobile application and they can bring a considerable market presence for your application. It becomes important to extend the knowledge about current market and gimmicks that people are following in order to achieve success in the field of mobile applications.

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Mobile Apps Expanding The Learning Opportunity

In this era of mobility, education is growing rapidly by fitting itself into modern technology and trends with the help of mobile apps. One of the great advantage of offering education through mobile application is its accessibility from anywhere at anytime. With the wide influence towards mobile device and its application usage, mobile applications are performing almost each task for humans starting from waking them up till the time they fall asleep. This advanced technology of mobile apps has been serving almost each of the industries covering educations too.

Mobile Apps for Learning

Now lets see why mobile applications are one of the proven benefit for education:

Access availability
With the help of mobile application, students can extend the point of learning to the last extent, as there are no schedules for kids to access an application and start learning. All that he required is one smart device with the app installed with it which the student is going to use of. All these applications are available with a user-friendly controls and environment so that its accessibility will be easy.

Interactive app elements
There are huge range of applications available on the app store offering a wide range of interesting and interactive elements increasing the learning scope for different age group of students. The only purpose of making this kind of application is learning with fun, the applications will be developed as it can keep the kids engaged with it and increase their knowledge by interesting educational games too. Parents can easily find an application from the app store as per their kid’s interest area.

Improved classroom performance
Mobile applications can ultimately help any students for a better understanding of any topic by offering a wide range of functionalities. It does not help any student to score a good marks at their examination hall, but it can definitely help little ones for preparing for their exams on a daily basis and even for their assignment completion too. If a student knows that what is a next topic going to be taught in the school, then they can easily grab the topic into his mind from the base of it. Such method can help teachers and parents to built self confidence into kids.

Learning through sharing
Almost each mobile application meant for educational purpose comes with seamless integration with various social media like Facebook, Twitter or we can consider Google Plus. Teacher can form their own study circle and share what he is teaching at present, kids can participate in the discussion and can make their doubts clear by asking for them online. With this innovative concept of learning, kids can also make new friends and interact with them, this way they can improve their social skills too.

Enabled collaboration between parents and teachers
There are some educational applications available on the app store, which enables the collaboration between teachers and parents. They help teachers to teach various topics and keep track of student performance, grades and attendance. These kinds of applications helps parents to track their kid’s performance by constantly getting in touch with his teacher. Student and teacher can communicate too while studying particular topic with the help of chat or email facility of an application. Thus resolving queries and doubts becomes an easy task.

Adoption of advanced lifestyle
There are so many mobile apps there on the app store for children offering soft skills development tips with learning purpose. All these information in represented in the app into an easy to understand and playable format, which leads to the fun with learn concept. Children can easily adapt these app without any difficulty in their regular lives. These apps also helps them to increase their knowledge and quick decision making skills.

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What are the factors to consider while developing a native application?

With the evolvement of time, there has been number of modifications with respect to development of mobile application. The major one is the use of Native Platform for the development of mobile application. There are many advantages using these methods for development. It all started with iOS development as it was cumbersome task to develop them but slowly it penetrated into all kinds of app development. But in order to make successful applications, some important things are to be considered and it will enhance the app utility from app store.

native apps

In order to make a mobile application using native platform the first challenge that comes before development agencies is to security. Also there are frequent cases where security of data is questioned with respect to apps that are made using native platform. Here is the list of some of the factors required to be focused while developing the native mobile application.

Imparting functionality
The approach used for the development of app through conventional methods and that used for native are totally different. This tool provides fast methodologies through APIs along with various SDKs which helps to launch the apps as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the robust architecture which is provided through conventional coding methods is not available in native apps. Although there are new techniques adopted which keeps robustness of the app intact, but overall functionality needs to be monitored on a continuous basis. Both the methodologies have their own advantages and disadvantages but with native apps you need to be surer before launching it.

Certified development & Design Team
Native application development is something that is not familiar to most of the developers as the coding is not biased with respect to specific language. So before deciding to develop native app, resources with proper competency needs to be aligned. Not only from the development perspective, but also the designing of the app is important because of different shapes and sizes of Smartphone. This issue is more with respect to Android and Windows phones as iPhones do not vary much. The mobile application developed using native platform might get fluctuated in design due to different sizes of mobiles. The employment of skillful resources might help to provide efficient results of app development.

Tackle security issues and thorough testing
The main problem that arises in case of app development through native methods is security. With Android, this issue becomes more vulnerable. The only thing that can prevent this is testing. Once the app is launched on the app store, it is hard to look into the issues related to security. So quality assurance techniques need to be adapted in order to get fortified testing results. The app needs to be tested at various levels of mobile apps development. Also once the application is launched, the support is required round the clock in order to avoid any security breaching activities. The security of the app depends a lot on operating system and the platform on which the app is launched.

If these factors are properly taken care during the development life cycle of the app, it will become easy to make smooth Go-Live of the app. It will also benefit mobile apps development company to build a reputation in the market regarding native app development.

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